Structure of the case study

Even if you manage to collect all the necessary information for a case study, it still needs to be properly structured.

This means that all the information must be divided into appropriate sections. And their sequence is also important.

Elements of the structure

In most cases, when writing a case study, they stick to a certain structure of the work. Formatting it is quite a difficult task, because not everyone understands what follows and what information certain sections should contain. That's why you can turn for help to service, and entrust the writing of your case study to qualified specialists.

The structural elements of a case study are as follows.

  • Title. It should be short enough. Try to think of a title that is short but interesting. The title should be associated with the theme of your work;
  • Subtitle. Here you need a short story about your accomplishment. What you managed to do. And with the case study itself, you will then explain how you achieved your goal;
  • Managing Summary. This is where you should briefly describe the whole story. Try to limit it to 2-4 sentences. You can also add 2-3 paragraphs to the summary, which will show an explanation of the graphs, videos and other content, which were used to achieve the objectives of the study;
  • About the subject. Here it is necessary to acquaint readers with the object of their study;
  • Problems and goals. Allocate 2-3 paragraphs for this. Describe the problem you are considering and the goals, objectives you set to solve the problem;
  • How the result was achieved. Description of the processes and events that led to the fulfillment of a particular task or goal;
  • Results. Direct confirmation of what was achieved by the methods presented above;
  • Images and quotes. Needed to support the story in your case study;
  • Future Plans. This is where the result of your case study may lead in the long run;
  • A call to action. This is not a mandatory element of every case study. But most often it tries to use it. Usually in order to make readers want to use your service, buy a product, and so on.

Of course, a case study can be like an element of homework at school or university. But now case studies are a powerful tool in business, the business sphere. They are used to promote products and services.